CO-OP Student of the Year Award

Each year, one student per faculty receives a Student of the Year Award. These students must have shown excellence in the following areas:

  • On-the-job achievement (information provided by the employer)
  • Academic achievement (information provided by the faculty)
  • Extra-curricular activities at school, at work or in the community (information provided by selected students only)

These selection criteria were developed by Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada (CEWIL Canada), which grants a similar award. The University of Ottawa award serves to recognize some of our outstanding CO-OP students.

Our award recipients may also be nominated for the CEWIL and EWO (Education at Work Ontario) CO-OP Student of the Year Awards.

  • VALUE OF AWARD: $500
  • NUMBER OF AWARDS: One per faculty
  • FREQUENCY OF AWARD: Once per year, in March

Details and Eligibility

  • Potential nominees must be registered as full-time CO-OP students. They must have completed at least one CO-OP work term and received an outstanding evaluation from the employer, have an excellent academic record and be in good standing in their faculty and with the CO-OP Office.
  • Students can be nominated by their faculty, the CO-OP Student Association, employers or the CO-OP Office.
  • Each faculty winner is selected from a group of nominees, by a selection committee chosen by the Faculty.


April to December


  • Winter term: Nominations are usually accepted until the end of April or May (exact date provided via email)
  • Summer term: Nominations will be accepted until the end of August or September (exact date provided via email)
  • Fall term: Nominations will be accepted until the end of November or early December (exact date provided via email)


  • Faculty selection committees assess their candidates.


  • Faculties present their awards.


  • One University of Ottawa winner is selected and announced at the CO-OP Annual Reception Gala.

  I have read and accept the terms of the contest.

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